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About Folkefinans

Founded in 2006, Folkefinans AS is a Norwegian finance and credit company with branches in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

As a Norwegian finance and credit company Folkefinans has a license from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and is under the supervision of the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. The status as a Norwegian credit and finance company has several advantages, the most important being the quality assurance for the customers, but of course also the respect and trust from authorities and potential business partners in all countries where Folkefinans operates. As a credit institution, Folkefinans also has a sufficient license to provide payment services.

Currently Folkefinans has an approval from the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and the local Financial Supervisory Authorities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia to operate branches and provide cross border services (Denmark). Folkefinans can provide credit services to any country in the European Economic Area under its Norwegian license once the relevant EEA state has been notified.

Folkefinans has a principal membership in VISA since 2012. As VISA Principal Member, Folkefinans can offer all VISA products in all VISA Europe member states.

We have served more than 350 000 customers with proprietary risk model leveraging ~10 years customer data. Folkefinans is delivering higher customer value than market alternatives through truly digitalized operations and processes enabling easy and accessible products and services as well as quick response rates.

Our Team

Folkefinans has built a management team with a solid academic and business background, combined with experience from managerial positions in a number of companies and organizations in the Nordic as well as in other countries.

Kalle Pykälä, Chairman

Over 15 years of experience in developing, financing and leading growth companies, as well as in the formation and/or transformation of several companies and investment vehicles, together with associated capital raising from private and public markets. He was the Head of Business Development at Folkia between 2008 and 2011.

He is currently the Executive Chairman of Ilmatar Windpower Plc, a Finnish wind power producer which he co-founded in 2011.

Master’s degree in Economics, with other studies at Harvard University and at Institut Supérieur du Commerce in Paris. Executive Program for Growing Companies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2010.

Born in Finland 1975.

Jens Schau-Hansen, CEO

+47 450 02 354

More than 25 years’ experience from Telecom & Industrial companies including Ventelo AS and Norsk Hydro ASA. Business Administration (Siviløkonom) at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, Norway.

Born in Norway 1962.

Janne Kiiha, CCO

Several years of experience in the Fintech industry, in roles ranging from marketing and sales to business and product development. Master´s degree in Business Administration, University of Stockholm. Has been with Folkefinans since 2011.

Born in Finland 1976.

Mariko Ragnarsdottir, Acting Head of IT

15+ years in Business – and Project Administration. Joined Folkefinans AS in 2014 as Project Manager. Business Administration at Reykjavik University, Iceland.

Born in Japan 1980.

Christer Nilsson, CRO

More than 25 years’ experience from Internet/Telecom/Technology Sectors & Financial Services as CFO (listed and unlisted companies) and as Management Consultant. Have had different roles in Finance, Risk, Credit and Compliance in Folkefinans (since 2012). Master of Business and Economics (Siviløkonom).

Born in Norway 1963.

Kemal Kalkan, Head of Customer Service

Previous experience in Human resources and long experience of Customer service and Debt collection. Business Administration (Master’s degree) at Sodertorns University in Stockholm, Sweden.

Born in Turkey 1991.

Careers at Folkefinans

If you are interested to work at Folkefinans, you are always welcome to contact us. Please contact our CEO Jens Schau-Hansen,